Robert Spellman triptych painting of a 1937 Buick

I would like to claim that this is a large work measuring six by nine feet, executed on sheets of steel. Well, it could be! It's actually three close-up images of an old, well-used cookie sheet that I happened to notice earlier today when I was making a cup of tea. (Should I be telling you this? Does it spoil the illusion?) I have an interest in things that “do themselves”, they arise without affect or contrivance. It's difficult to do this in painting or any art form: we always have something up our sleeve. Maybe it's money, maybe it's a drive to be seen as brilliant. Whatever the reason, these hidden agendas have a way of sabotaging the whole endeavor of art. I'm pretty sure this cookie sheet doesn't care about much. But here it is effortlessnessly emanating beauty and mystery.

Music of the Moment

Here is a musical composition I've been working on. Let's say it's for this moon, even though I've been fiddling with it since 2017. It's called Labdrun. For piano, string ensemble & percussion.

I've added a new page with more of these compositions in progress. Go here for a listen.

New Moon ~ April 5th, 2019